Pink Skates

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did you know you can find an old pair of skates at the Vintage flea Markets for next to nothing.. The more Wear and Use they have the better..... You can take laces out or leave them in. If you take them out you can add a Soft Pink Ribbon instead. So Pretty. Take them and dip them in the Magic White Paint.. Yes we all know the name of it:) Let them dry real good if they are not stiff do it again.. Trust me it will be worth it! After that paint your Roses on them! the Toe the Top any where you can never have to many roses! When Dried add the dusting magic gliter, you can find it at the crafts stores. You are now asking how? Get the Fabic spray glue..ITS AMAZING! and just lightly spray it where you the gilter! For more touches add Feathers at the top! Instead of Roses you could Paint them PINK.. Now go and hang them on your DOOR! Beautiful.....I am going to share some link some from of my Pink Friends to give you a better idea..