TGIP Thank Goodness it's PINK

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Starting on Monday we will start TGIP Thank Goodness it's PINK! Come and join in on the fun and excitment that the week will hold..
Pretty Pink Tuesday- Is our Shopping week, the First feature will be Hand Made by PINK make sure you are there! Get your items out there!
Members of PPB can now sell on the Forum, please contact me for details! The price is only 10.00 and with an ebPINK mebership it is 5.00
Wed The PINK Print will go out!
Thur is our PINK Party Don't miss it... There is still time for you to get in on this...
Friday we will have Grab a PINK Lady and make sure you bring her to the Forum.. Encourage her in all what she does..
The PINK Extranaganza will be held on the Last weekend of Every Month Starting n Setp. It will last for 3 days and be many prizes, gifts, awards and shopping in PINK deals...So get your PINK Shopping Bag Ready!
If you know a women that owns a business or has a talent invit her to join! We will also start our Class in Oct. on Government contracting the glass is 20.00 per person.
The Southern PINK Boutiques Mag is looking Great.. I want you all to give me something to add to it!
Once A month we will anounce are new members.
Hugs Girls! We are doing a great JOB...Power to the Women of PINK!If you have Questions Please email me
Visit Pretty P.I.N.K Boutiques at: