>> Friday, September 4, 2009

Wow! What an Amazing
PINK n Chic week we had..

I want to Wish every one a Happy Holiday..

Congratulations! too

Vintage to Vogue,

Sassy to Chic &

Katie Homes and Gifts.

Who is now an has official member of Pretty Pink Boutiques. They are now feature on the main site. www.prettypinkboutiques.com. They each got to choose 4 pictures to have feature with an amazing mouse over image. Everyone has e-mailed me today and just loves it.. More to come! Boutique owners you still have time to take advantage of the PINK PIG and get the next 8 months worth of advertising on the front page for only $60.00. This will end on the 15th. All you have to do is fill out the Members forum. On my Facebook alone I have 600 friends, we now have over 300 fans and 280 in our group. With that number alone think of all the traffic you are missing.

We have some new members to the Forum and would like to welcome them!

Please stop by each on and say hello! You can now sell on the Forum and you page could look this Rose Cottage Chic with a little bit of time, you can see where you can purchase right to your website. The PINK Party Room is ready to go. It takes less then 1 min to add your items there and to your Pretty PINK Page. The last party there was over 70 guest and the Boutiques made a good profit.. The Next Pink Party will be Announced next week. If you have a friend that loves shabby chic or anything from a Boutique encourage her to have a party and invite all her friends. She will love the items she gets.

I just announce "I am Dreaming of a PINK Christmas" I will have everyone signing Its A "Holly Jolly PINK Christmas" when its all over! The Date is DEC 12th 2009.

The PINK Magazine every Forum member may select 2 Pictures, Business Logo and a brief talk about your Boutique. Please have this submitted by OCT 15th I will take it to Print on the 22nd. If you are an official member of Pretty PINK Boutiques you will have 2 full Pages. Southern PINK Boutique will be Feature in our Southern Section..This will be in Print and also an e-magazine, you may sell or give it as a gift to all of your friends.. If you have any questions please email me, amanda@prettypinkboutiques.com

There is a blog I posted its about the 4Ps, PINK, Progress, Party and Profit.. Please find it and read it for some very good points..

The PINK Extravaganza is the Last weekend of this month.

October is going to feature the Pretty PINK Pumpkins, detail on this event to come.. I will tell you that we are going to have a PINK Skeleton and maybe a bat or cat if I can find one Whoo Hoo.

In your Corner,

Amanda Pretty Pink Boutiques